Rice Cookers

A rice cooker is a piece of kitchen equipment that is used to cook rice. These machines are often used as an alternative to boiling rice in a pan or heating it in a microwave. Many people like to use rice cookers rather than other methods as they are held to make it much easier to cook rice quickly and effectively without over cooking or undercooking it.

Most rice cookers will plug into the mains to work. Here you put the rice and the water in the cooker in the pre-set amounts, switch on the cooker and then leave it to cook the rice for you. This means that you do not have to keep an eye on a pan full of rice and it makes it easier to cook rice perfectly as the water/rice mix is measured accurately and simply.

There are various kinds of rice cooker that you can buy at the moment. Costs will rise with this kind of machine depending on the features and functions it offers you and on how much rice it can cook at a time. So, for example, a basic rice cooker that simply steams the rice for you and then switches itself off will be the cheapest option. Models with more features and benefits may also keep the rice warm for you when it is cooked or may be able to cook a variety of other foods or types of rice dishes.